Mixture A

  • 62 g whole eggs

  • 101 g granulated sugar

  • 10 g TREHA®

  • 51 g dark chocolate

  • 78 g unsalted butter, melted

  • 1 g vanilla extract

  • 39 g cake flour

  • walnuts, as needed

  1. Mix A, and dissolve the sugars by lightly mixing over a hot water bath.

  2. Melt the chocolate. Remove the egg mixture from the water bath, add the melted chocolate, and mix. Add the melted butter, and mix. (Adjust the temperature of the melted chocolate and butter both at 45°C/113°F to 50°C/125°F.) Add the vanilla extract.

  3. Add the cake flour, mix, and rest at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours.

  4. Pour into two cake pans, and evenly distribute the walnuts on the top.

  5. Place on a double layer of sheet trays, and bake the cakes at 170°C/338°F for about 30 minutes. When cool, cut into pieces.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Improves moisture retention without being cloyingly sweet.

  • Enhances characteristic flavor of chocolate.