Salad Bars

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Salad bars feature a range of foods that need to stay fresh and appealing for hours in order to sell. Plant-based TREHA®︎ can help.

When consumers are looking for healthier food options, freshness is top of mind. So, when salad bars suffer from wilting, discoloration or coagulation, they can can get passed over, resulting in food waste. That’s why using TREHA®︎ in your salad bar items can make such a difference to your bottom line.

Sugars are often used to preserve foods, but barely sweet TREHA®︎ (just 38% the sweetness of sucrose in a 5% solution) has exceptional water binding/retention properties* that help keep your food fresh and delicious. Because of its affinity for water, TREHA®︎ has a remarkable ability to naturally help inhibit discoloration and drying of fruits and vegetables. With TREHA®︎, fruits and vegetables stay colorful, crisp and inviting and salad greens resist wilting and maintain their visual appeal.

  • ・Soaking cut vegetables (e.g., carrots, cucumbers or radishes) for just 30 minutes in a water bath with 3% TREHA®︎ enables them to stay fresh for hours on end at room temperature.
  • ・Salad greens soaked in a 3% TREHA®︎ water bath for 30 minutes can maintain their just-cut crispness for days, and even dressed salads can be stored overnight in the refrigerator and served the next day.
  • ・Avocados cut and soaked in a 10% TREHA®︎ solution, then stored in the refrigerator, keep their fresh color and resist browning for many hours.
  • ・Apples and other fruits soaked for 30 minutes in a water bath with 10% TREHA®︎ keep their color for our hours after cutting without any containment.

With simple-to-use TREHA®︎, salad bars finally have a solution for the persistent problem of undesirable changes to food’s color, texture and consistency over time. Learn more about how to use TREHA®︎ to your advantage from the downloadable Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage of this site.

*among disaccharides (or “double sugars”)

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