What Umami did for flavor,
TREHA® is doing for freshness.
Get In On The Secret

TREHA®︎ (common name Trehalose) is the Japanese trade secret used in hundreds of Asian foods for decades.
TREHA®︎ is high purity trehalose (98%)—a plant-based, GRAS-designated, Kosher & Halal-certified, non-GMO* food ingredient with the amazing natural ability to extend many aspects of freshness.
This site is dedicated to helping professional chefs and cooks discover TREHA®︎ and how to use it to enhance and maintain the fresh appeal of a wide range of foods.

*TREHA® distributed in the US and Canada is a Non-GMO Project verified product.

Fresher Food

Though all food ages, TREHA®︎ helps maintain cooked, raw and frozen food’s natural integrity longer with significant benefits to flavor, texture, color and crispness—it even reduces freezer burn!

Reduces Freeze/
Thaw Damage

Inhibits Discoloration
of Fruits & Vegetables

Inhibits Denaturation
of Proteins

Water Binding/
Retention Properties

Inhibits Starch


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Just what is TREHA®? See the science behind the secret!

Watch this Chef discover the amazing difference TREHA® makes when brining poultry.