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Grab-and-Go is being driven by time-starved consumers looking for high quality ready-to-eat foods. Versatile TREHA®︎ can help extend freshness across the board.

Given the high demand for quick food that isn’t “fast food,” why is it so hard to capitalize on grab-and-go? The fact is: prepared foods fade fast. Color, crispness, moisture, texture, even aroma is quickly compromised, so whether it’s ready-to-eat food found in the hot food section of the grocery store or in the cold case of the C-store, in most cases, food that’s held for any length of time is no longer appealing, resulting in wastage and disappointed customers.

One way to boost grab-and-go sales is to put the entire package together so that you can have more control over the look and feel of take-away food. And when you do, adding TREHA®︎ can help immensely.

Popular grab-and-go items that benefit from TREHA®︎’s natural ability to keep food looking and tasting fresher longer include:

  • ・Sandwiches / Wraps
  • ・Salads
  • ・Rice bowls / Sushi
  • ・Pasta bowls
  • ・Snack Packs / Trays
  • ・Entrees
  • ・Side dishes
  • ・Baked goods (Breads, Danish, Muffins, Cookies, Cupcakes, Doughnuts, etc.)
  • ・Desserts

As the grab-and-go trend spreads across segments, TREHA®︎ offers you an easy way to increase moistness, crispness and creaminess over time, reduce food switch-out, improve planning and forecasting around food waste and set your brand apart among busy consumers in need of a quality last-minute lunch or dinner without the hassle.

Download the Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage of this site to discover myriad ways TREHA®︎ helps a full range of foods remain fresher longer.

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