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From contract management to catering and cruise ships, chefs need their foods to stay fresh and appealing on buffet and steam tables, and flexible TREHA®︎ fits the bill.

Consumers have high expectations around food quality out of home, and that can lead to a lot of waste when held foods dry out quickly and lose their appeal. Fortunately, cooking with TREHA®︎ can help you solve many common problems related to steamtable use.

For instance, preparing your foods with TREHA®︎ can help:

  • ・maintain the juiciness of meat and sauces, protecting them from drying out
  • ・enable, fried foods that use batter to stay crispier longer and resist becoming soggy
  • ・maintain vibrant color in both raw and boiled veggies
  • ・protect the integrity of freshly made pasta, keeping it from drying out and becoming sticky
  • ・keep eggs from coagulating

TREHA®︎ broadens food offerings by lengthening holding times and using TREHA®︎ in your recipes helps maintain optimal appearance and texture. For instance, TREHA®︎ keeps fresh vegetables vibrant longer and reduces discoloration when boiling brightly colored vegetables. It enables mashed potatoes to retain their softness, so their melt-in-your-mouth texture lasts much longer. Pasta made with TREHA®︎ keeps its fresh-made texture—even after an extended time. On breakfast buffets, scrambled eggs made with TREHA®︎ stay moist and fluffy longer. Even fried foods, like tempura, stay light and crispy for a much longer time.

For more information on how preparing foods with TREHA®︎ helps them stay fresher longer, we invite you to use the downloadable Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage of this site.

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