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Bakery items are often thrown out if they don’t sell on the day they’re made. Multi-functional TREHA®︎ to the rescue!

Like table sugar (sucrose), TREHA®︎ is a disaccharide (or “double sugar”). All disaccharides have some ability to retain moisture and can be used to preserve foods, but among disaccharides, TREHA®︎ is the very best at retaining moisture. That means TREHA®︎ is truly the baker’s best friend.

But not only does TREHA®︎ help keep baked goods moist and delicious, this multi-functional, naturally occurring sugar has a wealth of other benefits, including these:

  • ・Using TREHA®︎ in the glaze on yeast-raised donuts more than doubles their shelf-life, reducing waste.
  • ・Replacing approximately 80% of sugar in glaze icing reduces “weeping”—even when flavors are added.
  • ・TREHA®︎ stabilizes the air bubbles in meringue even when low-sugar or high-fat ingredients like chocolate and butter are used, resulting in lightness and increased volume.
  • ・TREHA®︎ maintains the shape of cookie dough and the condition of cake batter during preparation, as well as in finished products.
  • ・Adding 2% TREHA®︎ of the weight of détrempe in puff pastry creates thick, consistent layers, maintains crispness and inhibits fat separation.
  • ・By replacing some of the sugar (sucrose) in sweet recipes with TREHA®︎ you can increase the volume of cake made with whipped eggs and increase the volume and flakiness of baked snacks.
  • ・For truly remarkable whipped cream, use 6% sugar (sucrose) and 6% TREHA®︎ of cream weight to inhibit water release, enhance milky notes and add freezing stability.

You can work with TREHA®︎ like you would with table sugar, but, because it is only 38% as sweet as sucrose, it’s suitable for both sweet and savory recipes. No other ingredient maintains the crispness of cookies, the flakiness of pastry dough and the light, soft moistness of cakes while significantly extending freshness overall. To discover more ways TREHA®︎ can benefit your baking, download these handy Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage.

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