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Grocerants are filling the void between shopping, take-out and dine-in. TREHA®︎ offers grocery stores a simple way to extend the freshness and improve the quality of their prepared foods.

Today's time-starved consumers are looking for meal components that they can pick up quickly and customize into breakfast, lunch or dinner for themselves or their whole family. When making their selections, consumers must rely on visual cues for how fresh and desirable a pre-prepared food item is, but it can be difficult for operators to maintain the fresh appeal of foods that are held for some time. And, if the grocery store is also offering a sit-down-dining experience, there is a need to maintain ready-to-serve foods all day, day in and day out.

TREHA®︎ is particularly useful as a freshness-extending ingredient in ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat foods found in the Grocerant service category because TREHA®︎ protects food from dehydration, discoloration, coagulation, wilting and other undesirable changes over time. TREHA®︎ is particularly useful in limited-kitchen operations that often rely on commissary or prepared foods and meal components supplemented with fresh bakery items, produce and house-made salads and sides.

  • ・Prepared sandwiches maintain their fresh appeal much longer with TREHA®︎. Fresh sandwich ingredients—from breads to vegetables to chicken breasts—remain soft, moist and delicious for hours longer with TREHA®︎.
  • ・TREHA®︎ is an ideal ingredient for enhancing and preserving the freshness of rice bowls, sushi and poke.
  • ・From fried chicken to creamed spinach, TREHA®︎ maintains aroma, texture and overall fresh appearance of held foods.

Please see the downloadable Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage of this site to discover myriad ways TREHA®︎ can benefit foods during freezing, refrigeration, heating and holding.

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