Mochi Wrap Sheets
  • 180 g sticky rice flour *1

  • 150 g water

  • 100 g johaku sugar *2

  • 40 g TREHA®

*1 Hinomoto Cereals Flour Milling Co.,Ltd/ Glutinous Rice Flour (Kiwamimurasaki-Mochiko)
*2 White sugar peculiar to Japan; granulated sugar with small amount of invert sugar syrup (Johaku sugar is a little sweeter than granulated sugar.)


Since it takes some practice to handle sticky mochi dough, try this recipe first.  Once you get hang of it, you will find a wide variety of use including as non-gluten mochi crepes and mochi topping.

  1. Mix sticky rice flour and water.

  2. Cover the mesh inside of steamer by wet cloths, then place 1 in the steamer. Steam over high heat for 15 minutes.

  3. Place the steamed dough in a copper pan. Mix johaku sugar and TREHA®︎ with the dough little by little. Add extra water (50 g in maximum) as needed to adjust softness of mochi.

  4. Sprinkle potato starch (not included in recipe) on a tray, then place mochi from 3. Spread mochi 25 cm square, about 2 mm thick. Cut into 8 cm square.*

*8 cm square is for strawberry mochi crepe. Cut into different size according to applications.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Freeze-thaw stability

  • Inhibition of starch retrogradation

Strawberry Sauce
  • 150 g strawberry puree (20% sugar added)

  • 15 g TREHA®

  1. Mix all ingredients. Heat until the mixture thickens.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Preservation of flavor

Food Presentation
  • 1 sheet mochi

  • vanilla ice cream as needed

  • strawberry sauce as needed

  1. Wrap the ice cream with mochi sheet then pour the sauce on.