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TREHA®︎’s natural ability to improve the texture and moistness of meats makes it ideal for use across a range of service categories.

Because it’s not very sweet, TREHA®︎ can be used equally effectively in savory recipes to improve the softness and juiciness of cooked proteins including chicken, shrimp, pork and beef. TREHA®︎ has the remarkable ability to stabilize proteins, protect aromas, flavors and colors, and reduce freeze-thaw damage.

For example:

  • ・Adding TREHA®︎ equivalent to 2% of chicken weight before frying, it can be held in a hot case for several hours longer and will retain its juiciness.
  • ・Including TREHA®︎ when brining chicken or turkey protects poultry’s natural juiciness and preserves flavor and texture.
  • ・Using TREHA®︎ when stewing meats helps keep the broth from separating when thawed and preserves the meat’s moisture.
  • ・Meats, such as pork or beef, that are cooked after being marinated with TREHA®︎ before freezing resist deterioration in taste and texture.

These are just a few of the applications for multi-functional TREHA®︎. For more tips on how TREHA®︎ can make your meats marvelous, please see the downloadable Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage and the Recipes section of this site.

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