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Largely driven by Millennials, delivery is one of the biggest trends in the restaurant business today. Cooking with TREHA®︎ helps freshness carry on when food is carried out.

These days, fewer patrons are actually sitting in restaurant seats as more and more American’s choose to have their restaurant-quality meals delivered. This change presents a challenge for foodservice operators: how do you maintain optimal food quality in the space between the time the food is ready to serve and when it arrives on your customers’ doorstep?

TREHA®︎ gives you a professional advantage when it comes to extending freshness and maintaining quality, because cooking with this plant-based, GRAS-designated, non-GMO, Kosher- and Halal-certified ingredient protects food from dehydration, discoloration, coagulation, wilting and other undesirable changes over time.

When it comes to foods that need to withstand some lag-time between preparation and delivery, TREHA®︎ can:

  • ・Preserve fresh-made texture to deliver better mouth feel
  • ・Reduce browning and preserve bright color
  • ・Stave off starch retrogradation and maintain the just-cooked integrity of rice and pasta
  • ・Maintain meat’s juiciness through the cooking process, allowing it to hold longer
  • ・Extend crispiness of fried foods that use batter (such as fritters or fried chicken)
  • ・Enhance creaminess in sauces and gravies
  • ・Sustain aroma

Cooking with multi-functional TREHA®︎ enables restaurants to achieve higher standards of food quality to please their patrons—whether they choose to dine in, take out or enjoy chef-prepared dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

Please refer to the downloadable Usage and Cost Savings Chart on the homepage of this site for more ways TREHA®︎ benefits foods during freezing, refrigeration, heating and holding.

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