Mixture A

  • 120 g fruit juice

  • 100 g granulated sugar

  • 80 g TREHA®

  • 80 g glucose syrup (DE30-50)

  • food coloring

  • 11 g gelatin sheets

  • 60 g invert sugar (Trimoline)

Mixture B

  • 1 part TREHA®

  • 1 part corn starch

  1. Reduce A by heating to 75 to 77 °Brix. Add the reconstituted gelatin and dissolve.

  2. Transfer to a mixing bowl, add the invert sugar, and whip. When the temperature reaches approximately 37°C/99°F, pour into a frame mold sprinkled with B, then sprinkle with additional B on top.

  3. Refrigerate overnight to set and cut into pieces.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Provides good mouth-feel and a light texture.

  • Maintains a soft and supple shape with no wrinkles.

  • Tempers sweetness, and emphasizes the fruit flavor.