Cooking with
  • Chef Hidenobu Meguro
    Yoroshiku Sushi / Inagi City, Tokyo
    TREHA®︎ Usage History: 10 years
    Favorite TREHA®︎ Function: Inhibits starch retrogradation, inhibits discoloration, inhibits odor, reduces freeze-thaw damage, inhibits coagulation of proteins and suppresses protein denaturation
    Use TREHA®︎ for all my 'shari'
    "Because I use TREHA®︎ for sushi vinegar of ‘Shari’, I use TREHA®︎ for all kinds of Sushi. I would say TREHA®︎ is used for more than 90% of dishes including nibbles since TREHA®︎ is a must item for seafood preparation."
  • Chef Mayumi Mori
    Nichigetsudo / Nihonbashi, Tokyo
    TREHA®︎ Usage History: 15 years
    Favorite TREHA®︎ Function: Moisture retention ability, inhibiting starch retrogradation and improving freeze-thaw stability
    Use TREHA®︎ mainly for bean paste. 90% of my products uses TREHA®︎
    "Multifunctionality of TREHA®︎ is advantage for chefs. I can obtain many advantages from only one ingredient --- TREHA®︎"
  • Chef Michiko Tanaka
    CACAO HUNTERS JAPAN / Takanawa, Tokyo
    TREHA®︎ Usage History: 15 years
    Favorite TREHA®︎ Function: Improved freeze-thaw stability, inhibition of off-notes from heated eggs and low sweetness
    Use TREHA®︎ for wide range of application
    "I make use of many functions of TREHA®︎. I like TREHA®︎ because it definitely improves the flavor of sweets and moreover improving workability is the most important reason."
  • Chef Ryosuke Tamura
    Azabuchoko / Minamiaoyama, Tokyo
    TREHA®︎ Usage History: 7 years
    Favorite TREHA®︎ Function: Moisture retention ability
    Use TREHA®︎ for meat dishes such as Braised Pork Belly and spring roll fillings
    "I use TREHA®︎ every day for any kind of dishes. The more I get to know about TREHA®︎, the more applications for my menu come up with my mind."
  • Chef Yuichiro Watanabe
    Nabeno-Ism / Asakusa, Tokyo
    TREHA®︎ Usage History: 15+ years
    Favorite TREHA®︎ Function: Too many to select from
    Use TREHA®︎ as the basic ingredients along with salt and pepper
    "Salt, pepper and TREHA®︎ --- these are and have been the basic ingredients for years. TREHA®︎ helps bring out the full flavors of ingredients and the taste of the entire dish becomes balanced and harmonious. I see myself as a heavy user of TREHA®︎.”
  • Chef Keita Ishiguro
    EAST GALLERY / Ebisu, Tokyo
    TREHA®︎ Usage History: 11 years
    Favorite TREHA®︎ function: Retains moisture, low sweetness
    Use TREHA®︎ for wide range of applications.
    "I have been utilizing the benefits of TREHA®︎ for shiny glaze. For me, TREHA®︎ is an indispensable ingredient to enhance the beauty of my cakes. I have used the advantages of TREHA®︎ not only for daily production, but also in pastry chef competitions."