• 50 g Hon-Kudzu powder *¹

  • 50 g water

  • 50 g TREHA®︎ syrup *²

  • salted cherry blossom *³

*¹ Hon-Kudzu powder is made from starch purely extracted from arrowroot (Kudzu powder is starch extracted from arrowroot, one of indispensable ingredient of Japanese cuisine)

*² Mixture of 110 g TREHA®︎ and 180 g of water, boiled down to Brix 39%

*³ Salted Sakuranohana / Uenochu Co., Ltd. If unavailable, use any salted cherry blossom flower as a substitute

  1. Soak cherry blossom in water for 30 minutes to remove salt content. Remove the sepals.

  2. Place Hon-Kudzu powder in a bowl, add water and TREHA®︎ syrup little by little and mix.

  3. Sieve 2 and add 1.

  4. Prepare boiling water in a large pan enough to use 5 and 6. Keep boiling with strong heat.

  5. Pour 2 into tin mold and make the batter 1mm thick. A 15 x 8 cm rectangular mold would be for 1 serving. Make sure you mix 2 well before pouring due to arrowroot starch tends to sink at the bottom.

  6. Place bottom of tin mold from 5 onto boiling water prepared at 4. Surface of the batter is coagulated after a while, then sink tin mold to the bottom of hot water to fill tin mold by hot water.

  7. Take the tin mold out of boiling water when the batter becomes transparent. Cool the mold by sinking into icy water.
    ※Using pincers or tongs are suggested for 6 and 7 due to extreme temperature.

  8. Peel off the layer of Kudzu from the bottom of tin mold, and cut into 1cm strips.

  9. Fill the serving dish with icy water, and place 8. Serve with cherry blossom syrup and brown sugar syrup.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Inhibition of starch retrogradation

  • Taste improvement

Cherry Blossom Syrup
  • 50 g granulated sugar

  • 12.5 g TREHA®

  • 55 g water

  • 10 g Cherry blossom extract*

*Sakuranohana-Extract / Uenochu Co., Ltd. If unavailable, use any ethanol-based flower extract as a substitute

  1. Mix Granulated sugar, TREHA®︎ and water in a pan, heat to dissolve. Add cherry blossom extract for flavor.

Brown Sugar Syrup
  • 100 g dark brown sugar

  • 20 g johaku sugar*

  • 10 g TREHA®

*White sugar peculiar to Japan; granulated sugar with small amount of invert sugar syrup (Johaku sugar is a little sweeter than granulated sugar.)

  1. Mix all ingredients in a pan, boil down to 70-75% Brix.