• sweet vinegar mixture for 'Shari'

  • TREHA®

  • red flesh of tuna

  • swordtip squid

  • fatty cut of southern blufin tuna

  • spotted halibut

  • mackerel

  • kelp cured sea bream

  • Japanese tiger prawn

  • sakhalin surf clam

  • king salmon

  • gizzard shad

  • ark shell

  • conger-eel

  • sea urchin

  • salmon caviar

  • egg


'Shari' (vinegared rice)

  • Replace 10 - 20% of the sugar in sweet vinegar mixture with TREHA®︎. When ‘Shari’ needs to be refrigerated, it is better to increase the amount of TREHA®︎.

Red flesh of tuna
Fatty cut of southern bluefin tuna
King salmon

  • When frozen by dusting an appropriate amount of TREHA®︎, the red color does not fade much and the drips is lessen when thawed.

Swordtip squid

  • After peeling off the skin, clean the body with plenty of TREHA®︎-salt*¹. TREHA®︎ maintains squid’s moisture, and the squid becomes palatable.

Spotted halibut

  • Dust TREHA®︎-salt*¹ and dry. TREHA®︎ maintains moisture, and the fish keeps its softness.

Rod-shaped sushi with vinegared mackerel

  • When mackerel is marinated with TREHA®︎-vinegar*², it gains luster and reduces its fishy odor.

Kelp cured sea bream
Suzume-zushi (pressed sushi of small bream)

  • When curing white fish with kelp, dust TREHA®︎-salt*¹ as a pretreatment for removing odor and excess moisture.

Japanese tiger prawn

  • Skewer live prawns and then boil in hot water with 2.5% TREHA®︎ and 1.25% salt. The meat stays plump and keeps beautiful red color when boiled. Moreover, after boiled, it can be stored frozen without removing the shell, and the softness and color of the meat are maintained even after thawing. This freeze-thaw process can’t be done without TREHA®︎.

  • In the case of raw shrimp such as sweet shrimp, Hokkai shrimp and Jumbo shrimp, the distinctive smell of shrimp can be suppressed by soaking peeled meat in water with TREHA®︎ for a while.

Sakhalin surf clam
Ark shell

  • After removing shell, wash clam meat with not-so-salty TREHA®︎-salt*¹ water to remove the smell.

Gizzard shad

  • Marinate with TREHA®︎-salt*¹, and then with TREHA®︎-vinegar*². The meat will not get stiff since TREHA®︎ retains moisture.

Kera-zushi (pressed sushi of shrimp, egg pancake and whitefish)

  • Same as Japanese tiger prawn and kelp cured sea bream and egg pancake shown later.

  • Pressed sushi is often stored longer time than nigiri sushi, so TREHA®︎ gives a great effect on ‘Shari’ by maintaining its color, luster, and softness.


  • After filleting a conger-eel, clean the body with plenty of TREHA®︎-salt*¹. When braise it, add 10-40 g of TREHA®︎ to 1 L of boiling mixture to keep the meat from falling apart and to become fluffy. Braised conger-eel can be stored frozen.

Sea urchin

  • TREHA®︎ is used only in ‘Shari’.

Salmon caviar

  • When TREHA®︎ is used for the marinade with salt or soy sauce, caviar’s color is preserved and become glossy.

Egg pancake

  • Very fluffy egg pancake made with minced whitefish and shrimp, and grated yam. By replacing 20-50% of the sugar in the egg liquid with TREHA®︎, it becomes very moist and fluffy with fine texture.

Kampyo rolls (dried Japanese gourd)

  • Kampyo is parboiled once and cooked with coarse sugar, soy sauce and mirin. Replacing a small portion of the coarse sugar with TREHA®︎ improves the color and gloss. It also gives a supple texture, making kampyo not too hard. The orthodox kampyo rolls should be cut into 8-10 cm pieces. This length is too long to be eaten with a bite. And thus, one is a kind of forced to bite off the roll and can enjoy the crispness of 'Nori', dried seaweed, and kampyo’s supple texture.

*¹ TREHA®︎-salt (blend TREHA®︎ and salt at a ratio of 3:10)

*² TREHA®︎-vinegar (blend 40 g TREHA®︎ to 1 L vinegar)

Click here for the exclusive interview with the recipe creator, Chef Hidenobu Meguro, an authentic Edomae sushi master.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Suppresses unpleasant odors and maintains a tender chewiness

  • Color preservation

  • Moisture retention

  • Maintains softness even after a freeze-thaw cycle