Caramelized Apples

(Makes 4 x 7cm ring mold)

  • 1000 g apples, skinned and cut into 8 wedges

  • 100 g granulated sugar

  • 110 g TREHA®

  1. In a frying pan, add the granulated sugar, TREHA® and apple wedges and sauté until moisture is gone.

  2. Layer the caramelized apples in round molds and leave them in the refrigerator overnight to set.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Maintains a fresh apple flavor and sweetness without causing moisture release.

Green Apple Sorbet
  • 1000 g green apple puree (20% Brix)

  • 240 g granulated sugar

  • 120 g TREHA®

  • 50 g starch syrup

  • 440 g water

  1. Place all ingredients in a pan and heat to dissolve.

  2. Remove the mixture from the heat when all the ingredients are dissolved. Let the mixture cool to the touch and transfer it to an ice cream machine.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Creates a dense fruity flavor without extra sweetness.

Super Crispy Candied Apple Slices (Apple Chips)
  • 30 g apples

  • 50 g TREHA®

  • 75 g water

  1. Slice apples 1mm thick and spread the slices on a silicone baking mat in a baking pan.

  2. Place TREHA® and water in a pan and bring it to a boil to make a syrup.

  3. Pour the boiling syrup over the sliced fruit on a silicon baking mat and let them stand for approximately 30 minutes.

  4. Drain the syrup by carefully pouring the excess syrup out of the baking pan. Re-arrange the sliced fruit on the mat. Dry the fruit overnight at 60ºC/180°F in a food dryer or for 2-3 hours at 80ºC/180°F in a convection oven.

TREHA®︎ benefit
  • Highlights the natural flavor of the fruit

  • Maintains crispiness and repels moisture

  • Produces bright-colored semi-transparent chip

Food Presentation

  1. Place 50g of sorbet on the caramelized apples and garnish with an apple chip.