R&D Capabilities

We constantly strive to offer the best solutions the food and beverage industry through latest market leading research and innovation.

At our Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) located in Singapore, our in-house application specialists work closely with our partners and customers to create and innovate from ideation to development, testing, formulation fine-tuning stage and production trial stage. We will help you transform concepts into winning, commercially viable products with the ability to enter the market quickly.

Our laboratory, L’plaza located in Tokyo and Okayama Japan, houses application and R&D experts in Japanese products and formulation. Both RIC and L’plaza work closely to exchange know-how and share market information such as the latest commercial products and trending concepts in Japan.


Our Global Presence


Our strong network lies in our global presence and warehousing capabilities thus, having access to the wide range of commodity and specialty ingredients at good prices. With our best minds, we develop formulations and synergistically combine ingredients to give the most suitable solutions.