Wish to Create the Best Mochi Ever? We Create Solutions for You: Mochi+TREHA™

We're excited to introduce our latest publication, Mochi+TREHA™! This booklet is a comprehensive guide to making mochi, enhanced with TREHA™. TREHA™ is a commercial name for trehalose, a naturally occurring sugar found in mushrooms and other organisms, known for improving the quality of food items, including mochi.

What's Inside Mochi+TREHA™?

  • Discover Traditional and Innovative Mochi Recipes

    In our booklet, Mochi+TREHA™, we present a rich collection of recipes that showcase the unique and delightful chewy texture of mochi, perfectly aligning with the rising global trend of Japanese confectionery (Wagashi). Each recipe is meticulously crafted, featuring TREHA™, an essential ingredient to enhance and maintain mochi's iconic chewy texture. This exclusive booklet is tailored specifically for business and professional purposes and is available upon request. In our commitment to safeguarding proprietary information, we kindly request your business name upon inquiry for a copy.

  • Introducing "Neo-Wagashi - A Fusion of Japanese and French Confections

    Our booklet's cover highlights the "Daifuku" from the acclaimed Parisian mochi patisserie "Gâteaux de Mochi." This unique creation combines traditional Japanese rice cake with classic French confectionery elements such as ganache, caramel, dried fruits, and nuts. This fusion blend represents "reconstruction," a current keyword in French gastronomy. Be inspired by this remarkable collaboration of Japanese and French confectionery traditions.

  • What is the Secret behind Mochi's Chewy Texture?

    "Mochi" has become a globally recognized term. In Western countries, there's a noticeable increase in mochi products at retail stores, each featuring the distinctive chewy texture of glutinous rice. The phrase "Mochi Mochi" in Japanese culture is an onomatopoeia describing a springy and sticky texture, a beloved characteristic that has captivated the Japanese for centuries. The right choice of sugar is critical for achieving Japanese confectionery's perfect balance of taste, texture, and shelf-life. Our booklet, Mochi+TREHA™, provides valuable insights into selecting the ideal sugar to keep mochi fresh and delightful. If you encounter any challenges, please contact us. We offer guidance and support to ensure your creations are successful.

  • Signature Featured Recipes Inspired by Japanese Confectionery

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    The Effect of TREHA™ on Mochi

    Mochi tends to harden due to starch retrogradation, a natural staling process. Adding TREHA™, known for its strong water affinity, can decelerate this process, ensuring the mochi retains its soft, chewy texture.

    The featured visuals show tofu mochi samples with and without TREHA™ after freezing and boiling. These examples highlight how TREHA™ notably maintains the desired texture of mochi.

    Our booklet offers in-depth information on utilizing TREHA™, outlining its recommended usage and showcasing distinct benefits observable in product quality. This specialized resource is available upon request for business and professional use only. We aim to protect our proprietary information, so we request business identification for access, ensuring it's used for professional development rather than personal use or competitive analysis.

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    Wish to Create the Best Mochi Ever? We Have Answers.

    At Nagase Group, our team of specialists is dedicated to leveraging our extensive network within the food industry. With a deep knowledge of glycoscience and a passion for food, we create customized solutions for your needs to help overcome the challenges of food manufacturing.

    Having issues with texture and storage, or even struggling to get started with manufacturing mochi? We're here to help support you at every stage of mochi manufacturing, leveraging our decades of knowledge and ingredient from Japan, TREHA™.

    TREHA™, crafted by Hayashibara Co., Ltd., a member of our group, is a high-purity trehalose designed to prolong the quality of your Mochi, even during extended storage periods.

    Let's team up and create the best Mochi together!