Globally, Nagase Food Ingredients provides a wide variety of services to meet the needs of customers.

Food Product Business Consultation

In our food-ingredients business, we at the NAGASE Group propose optimal solutions for the issues that customers face.
We possess manufacturing and trading capabilities in many areas, including:
- Supply of high-quality food ingredients via a global procurement network
- Information on trends in the food-product market
- Procurement
- Development of recipes and applications
- Premixing and processing on consignment

We at the NAGASE Group provide customers with a wide variety of support for food-product businesses by taking full advantage of all the functions that we possess.

Confirmation of Regulations
Confirmation of regulations using our regulatory services division

The need for compliance with laws and regulations in importing countries can be a major obstacle to developing business outside Japan.
The relevant legal issues span a diversity of areas, including:
- Import licenses (product registration)
- Judgment on the ingredients of existing products
- Label indications
- Presence of additives
- Use of auxiliary agents
- Indications of allergen ingredients
- Containers and packaging

The Regulatory Service Team of the NAGASE Group has built partnerships with legal experts in key countries around the world. Through that framework, we furnish solutions for legal issues in export destinations.
We also diagnose the difficulty of obtaining licenses in destination countries.
If you are aiming to develop a new business outside of Japan, please contact us. We can offer all kinds of support and other consultation services to support your needs.

Advanced Food Solutions from Our Labs(04)
Solving Challenges in Food Development
As a dedicated partner in food innovation, we invite you to consult us  for any food development challenges.  Here are a few examples of the issues addressed:

• Maintaining the softness of bakery products.
• Enhancing sponge cake volume.
• Preventing water release and texture deterioration in freeze-thaw cycles. 
• Optimizing manufacturing processes.
• Transforming substandard products into innovative new items.
• Reducing food loss and waste.
• Pioneering plant-based food alternatives.

We are committed to offering solutions and support for a variety of food development needs.

Japan - L'Plaza
Development adapted to the needs of customers at application laboratories

L’Plaza, an application laboratory with sites in Tokyo and Okayama City, develops applications for food ingredients.
It utilizes the knowledge to propose recipes and resolve technical issues that customers face.
L’Plaza supports customers with:
- Application development
- Technical support for food-product development
- Venues where lab staff and customers can work together in prototyping, food sampling, and information sharing
-seminars and webinars.
Furthermore, L’Plaza also serves as a “parent laboratory” for the other laboratories in Singapore and Xiamen to provide similar services to customers outside Japan.

Singapore - Regional Innovation Center
Development adapted to the needs of customers at application laboratories

Nagase Food Ingredient Regional Innovation Center was opened in July 2020 in Singapore, located at Science Park II. This facility acts as a focal point of NAGASE group to provide applications and technical service support to regional customers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and Oceania. Its main activities include organizing seminars to technical support and consultation for food product developments tailored to local market tastes and trends in providing a one stop solution for customers across the region.

China - Food Development Center
Development adapted to the needs of customers at application laboratories

Our Food Ingredients Food Development Center (Xiamen) is an application laboratory that we opened in China's Fujian Province in 2019. Operated by the Xiamen branch of Guangzhou Nagase Trading Ltd., this facility has a full-time staff of experts who have accumulated extensive experience at Hayashibara Co., Ltd. and are skilled in development of applications for food ingredients. Taking Fujian Province, which has the most thriving bakery industry in China, and the whole of China's food product industry as its target, it is striving to resolve customer issues.
The laboratory is installed with ovens, mixers, and other types of bakery equipment, and has an assortment of moisture meters and other analytical instruments. It handles assignments in a wide range of areas, from application development and prototyping for customers to development and verification of new ingredients.

Research & Development(01)
Research & Development

Nagase Viita maintains a robust research and development organization, focusing on creating unique materials and investigating their functionalities. The approach is centered on developing applications that align with current trends and needs. Collaborative initiatives with universities, research institutions, and companies are key in generating innovative solutions.

Procurement & Supply(01)
Ingredient Proposal / Sourcing
Ingredient Proposal / Sourcing using our global network

The NAGASE Group has an expansive food-ingredient business to provides our customers with a broad range of food-ingredient materials.

- Hayashibara Co., Ltd. produces performance saccharides.
- NAGASE ChemteX Corporation is manufactures enzymes and other high-quality ingredients.
- Prinova offers vitamins, amino acids, and a diversity of other nutritional ingredients.

Even apart from these main areas, we draw on our global network to procure optimal ingredients to meet individual customer needs.

We support the customers’ food food-product businesses of our customers through our wide-ranging procurement activities, which covering everything from food ingredients in line with thein line with the current trends toward vegetable-derived items, etc. and to functional ingredients, to ingredients complying that comply with various religious requirements.", and more.

Processing & Contract Manufacturing & Joint Development(02)
Joint Development

The NAGASE Group contributes to customers for solving customer’s issues using bio-technology platforms including “microorganisms”, “enzymes”, and “fermentation”.

<Examples of solving problems using the NAGASE Group‘s technology platform>
Microorganisms ⇒Design of production strains, improving production efficiency, etc.
Enzymes ⇒Development of new enzymes, considering the alternative process (chemical process⇒ enzyme process), etc.
Fermentation ⇒Production of new fermentation products and scale-up, etc.

For inquiries about joint development, please contact us from following inquiry button.

Premixing using global processing facilities

The members of the NAGASE Group and its cooperating companies in Japan, Europe, the Americas, and China manufacture vitamins, amino acids, and other premixed agents on consignment in line with the customer’s wishes.
We are prepared to tailor proposals to the needs of every individual customer. Feel free to consult with us about the services.