Fibryxa™, a Water Soluble Dietary Fibre

Fibryxa™ is a water-soluble dietary fibre produced by proprietary enzymatic technology. It has little flavor, is odorless and quickly dissolves in water; thus, can be added to wide range of foods and beverages without sacrificing taste and texture of food.

What is Fibryxa™?

  • A water soluble fibre

    The main component of Fibryxa™ is "isomaltodextrin", a multi-branched alpha glucan consisting exclusively of glucose molecules.

  • Odorless and colorless

    Fibryxa™ is a white odorless powder with very little sweetness. It has high water solublity and is transparent when dissolved in water, and is less likely to participate in browning reactions.

  • High stability

    Fibryxa™ is stable under heat, even in acidic conditions. It does not retrograde and stays clear during freeze and thaw cycles.

  • Low in FODMAPs

    Fibryxa™ is certified as low in FODMAP by FODMAP Friendly, an organization of professional nutritionists and dietitians. It does not participate in excessive fermentation in a large intestine and could be helpful for people who are bothered by irritable bowel syndrome or who are following a Low FODMAP diet.

  • Application examples



    White powder, odorless and no unusual taste

    Dietary fibre contents on dry basis

    Not less than 80%*

    *Enzymatic-HP+C method (Shou-shoku Hyou No. 139 notified by Deputy Secretary-General of Consumer Affairs Agency in Japan in 2015

    Regulation on dietary fiber claim and labelling depend on each country. Please contact us for further information.

    Please contact us for further information about availability and distribution status in each country. This product is for bulk use, available in 20kg bags.

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