・200 g white bean paste *1 (50% Brix)

・34 g egg yolk (2 yolks)

・61 g egg white (2 egg whites)

・20 g Johaku sugar *2

・10 g TREHA®︎

・15 g rice flour *3

・15 g cake flour

・30 g candied yuzu peel (finely chopped) 

*1 Made from white beans (navy beans, white kidney beans etc.) and sugars

*2 White sugar peculiar to Japan; granulated sugar with small amount of invert sugar syrup (Johaku sugar is a little sweeter than granulated sugar.)

*3 Hinomoto Cereals Flour Milling Co.,Ltd. / Regular Rice Flour (Murasaki-Komenoko)


1. Beat egg yolks, mix white bean paste.

2. Whip egg white, johaku sugar and TREHA®︎ to make a fine meringue.

3. Add small amount of 2 to 1. After mixing, combine with rest of 2.

4. Sieve rice flour and cake flour, then combine with 3. Add candied yuzu peel.

5. Pour the batter into a mold, place in a steamer. Steam 15 minutes over medium heat with the lid askew, turn up the heat a little and steam another 15 minutes with the lid.

6. Cut into 2cm thickness and serve.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Improve foam stability of whipped eggs

・Low sweetness

・Improve freeze-thaw stability

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