Mixed red berries (Mélange de fruits rouge)

・700 g frozen mixed berries

・70 g TREHA®︎

・70 g invert sugar (Trimoline)

・105 g Amarena cherries in syrup, chopped*

*Amarena cherry / BABBI


1. Mix together all of the ingredients and store in refrigerator overnight to thaw.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Tempers sweetness and enhances fruit flavor

・Retains the shape and texture of berries

Mochi-like jelly (Gelée avec une texture Mochi)

Mixture A

・70 g syrup obtained from the red berry mixture

・110 g water

・20 g Amarena cherry syrup

Mixture B

・10 g granulated sugar

・10 g TREHA®︎

・3.6 g thickening agent / xanthan gum mix *

・0.8 g thickening agent / locust bean gum **

*GelEspessa / SOSA

**GomaGarrofi / SOSA


1. Place Mixture A in a pan. Pre-mix Mixture B and add in.

2. Boil the mixture and pour into a container to cool.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Keeps its original texture and flavor

・Reduces quality loss when stored frozen

・Reduces food waste

No-bake pistachio pudding (Crème pas brulee pistache)

Mixture C

・280 g fresh cream, 38% milk fat

・280 g milk

・209 g TREHA®︎

・71 g granulated sugar

・112 g egg yolks

Mixture D

・44 g pistachio paste

・3 g gelling agent / carrageenan*

・1 g thickening agent / xanthan gum**

*Propannacotta (Iota) / SOSA

**GelEspessa / SOSA


1. Prepare the custard sauce (crème anglaise) with ingredients in Mixture C.

2. Premix Mixture D in, and mix in to the custard sauce with hand blender.

3. Pour in glasses quickly.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Enhances flavor

・Reduces quality loss when stored frozen and keeps its original texture and flavor

Light raspberry mousse (Mousse leger framboise)

Mixture E

・80 g raspberry puree

・30 g grenadine syrup

・6 g powdered egg white

・3 g gelling agent*

Mixture F

・100 g TREHA®︎

・50 g granulated sugar

・50 g water

・15 g raspberry brandy / eau de vie de framboise

・230 g fresh cream, 38% milk fat

*Instant gel / SOSA


1. Combine and whip Mixture E to make a meringue with medium peaks.

2. Place TREHA®︎, granulated sugar and water in a pan and boil to 113℃/235°F to make a syrup.

3. Slowly add the syrup into the meringue, continuously whipping to make an Italian meringue.

4. Mix raspberry brandy into Italian meringue and let it cool.

5. While cooling, whip the fresh cream into whipped cream and fold into the Italian meringue.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Enhances flavor

・Maintains natural color of berries

・Reduces quality loss when stored frozen and keeps its original texture and flavor

・Stabilizes air bubbles of meringue

TREHA-pistachio candy glass (for decoration)

・Desired amount of TREHA®︎

・Desired amount of Pistachio


1. Spread TREHA®︎ onto a silicone mat, and sprinkle with chopped pistachios

2. Bake in the oven at 170℃/338°F for 6 minutes, until TREHA®︎ is melted.

3. Let cool and break into shards of pistachio ‘glass’.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Easy to form into desired shapes

・Repels moisture to create and maintain a crisp texture

・Does not caramelize like other sugars, maintaining a clear color

Food Presentation

1. In the glass containing the set pistachio pudding, begin to assemble the layers, starting with the mousse, followed by the Mochi-like jelly, and topped with the mixed fruit.

2. Pipe the mousse on top and decorate with TREHA®︎-pistachio candy glass.

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