・180 g sticky rice flour *1

・150 g water

・100 g johaku sugar *2

・40 g TREHA®︎

*1 Hinomoto Cereals Flour Milling Co.,Ltd/ Glutinous Rice Flour (Kiwamimurasaki-Mochiko)

*2 White sugar peculiar to Japan; granulated sugar with small amount of invert sugar syrup (Johaku sugar is a little sweeter than granulated sugar.)


1. Mix sticky rice flour and water.

2. Cover the mesh inside of steamer by wet cloths, then place 1 in the steamer. Steam over high heat for 15 minutes.

3. Place the steamed dough in a copper pan. Mix johaku sugar and TREHA®︎ with the dough little by little. Add extra water (50 g in maximum) as needed to adjust softness of mochi.

4. Sprinkle potato starch (not included in recipe) on a tray, then place mochi from 3. Spread mochi 25 cm square, about 2 mm thick. Cut into 8 cm square.*

*8 cm square is for strawberry mochi crepe. Cut into different size according to applications.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Freeze-thaw stability

・Inhibition of starch retrogradation

Strawberry Sauce

・150 g strawberry puree (20% sugar added)

・15 g TREHA®︎


1. Mix all ingredients. Heat until the mixture thickens.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Preservation of flavor

Food Presentation

・1 sheet mochi

・vanilla ice cream as needed

・strawberry sauce as needed


1. Wrap the ice cream with mochi sheet then pour the sauce on.

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