・15 g agar *1

・20 g granulated sugar

Mixture A

・10 g TREHA®︎

・300 g water

Mixture B

・5 g Matcha

・10 g granulated sugar

・sweetened red beans *2 as needed

・gold leaf as needed

*1 INA AGAR L / Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd.

*2 Simmered red beans with 10% TREHA®︎ against uncooked beans, boil down to 45% Brix. For canned beans, add TREHA®︎ syrup (110 g of TREHA®︎ in 180 g of water, 39% Brix) to adjust softness and sweetness of beans.


1. Dissolve A in a pan by heating.

2. Mix B. Add small amount of 1 and make a paste. Little by little add rest of 1. Heat until 90℃/194°F.

3. Pour 2 into molds. Cool to set.

4. Demold 3, garnish with sweetened red beans and gold leafs.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Water binding

・Retention properties

・Inhibits discoloration of fruits and vegetables

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