Foie gras

・1 piece foie gras

・salt and pepper as needed

・TREHA®︎ as needed

・cake flour as needed


1. Trim foie gras, then marinade with salt, pepper and TREHA®︎. Keep it for 6 hours in a refrigerator.

2. Coat foie gras with flour, then grill with V.C.C.* V.C.C. help to remove excess oil from foie gras.

*Variocooking Center (a large pot-shaped cooking device) / Fujimak Corporation

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Taste improvement

Ningyoyaki (Japanese-style doll-shaped pancake)

・herbal liqueur*1 as needed

・syrup as needed

・½ piece Ningyoyaki*2

・TREHA®︎ as needed

*1 ‘SUZE’ made in France

*2 Traditional baked confectionery in Japan. Batter close to pancake is baked in a doll-shaped mold. It is usually filled by bean paste; however, Ningyoyaki without filling is used for this recipe.


1. Mix herbal liqueur and TREHA®︎ as 2:1.

2. Slice Ningyoyaki into half thickness. Imbiber enough amount of syrup from 1.

3. Dust Ningyoyaki with TREHA®︎.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Moisture retention

Rhubarb compote

・500 g rhubarb

・50 g TREHA®︎

・300 g granulated sugar

・100 g grenadine syrup

・100 g rose champagne

・50 g lemon juice

・400 g natural mineral water

・½ piece cinnamon stick

・1 pinch dried lemon verbena


1. Peel a strip of stringy fibers off the surface of the rhubarb. Remove hard parts, and cut into 1 cm cubes.

2. Toss 1 including fibers and removed parts through TREHA®︎, leave it until moisture comes out.

3. Mix all ingredients in a pan, heat it to boil. Keep boiling for 5 minutes.

4. Strain 3 through a sieve, then reheat it keeping 75 - 80℃/24 - 26℉.

5. Cool it quickly by a bowl with icy water. Store compote with the syrup filled.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Retention of natural colors

・Keeps shape and texture

・Low sweetness

Foamed rhubarb syrup with a flavor of mint and lemon verbena

・10 g mint leaves

・10 g lemon verbena leaves

・250 g syrup from rhubarb compote

・100 g water

・10 g TREHA®︎

・lecithin as needed


1. Cut lemon verbena leaves into similar size of mint leaves.

2. Mix syrup from rhubarb comport, TREHA®︎ and water in a pot, then heat it to a boil. Add mint and lemon verbena leaves, boil another 5 minutes. Strain it through a sieve.

3. Add lecithin to 2, whip it by a hand blender.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Improve foam stability

Rhubarb confiture

・rhubarb as needed

・salt as needed

・honey as needed


1. Crush the rhubarb and heat in microwave (600W) for 3 minutes.

2. Add salt and honey to taste.

Jellied canard consommé

・400 g canard consommé

・20 g Madeira wine

・20 g mirin (sweet sake)

・agar as needed

・salt as needed


1. Boil down canard consommé to half amount.

2. Add Madeira wine and mirin to 1, boil it again to evaporate alcohol.

3. Add 1% weight of agar against 2, heat to dissolve. Strain the mixture through a sieve.

4. Pour 3 into dome shaped silicone mold. Cool to set.

Food Presentation

・coffee beans* as needed

・1 piece framboise

・ginger as needed

・spearmint leaves as needed

・gold leaves as needed

・freeze-dried framboise as needed

・spice for pain d'épices as needed

*Roasted by Café Bach


1. Place Ningyoyaki on a serving dish. Put grilled foie gras on the Ningyoyaki, then rhubarb confiture. Sprinkle coffee beans grounded by a pepper mill. Garnish with 4 pieces of rhubarb compote, 2 pieces of framboise cut by half, shredded ginger and spearmint leaves.

2. Place canard consommé jelly and foamed rhubarb syrup. Sprinkle gold leaves.

3. Serve with freeze-dried framboise and spice for pain d'épices on the edge of the plate.

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