Butter Cake (Pâte à Cake)

・250 g fermented butter

・182 g granulated sugar

・44 g TREHA®︎

・209 g chestnut paste

Mixture A

・238 g whole eggs

・2.2 g salt

Mixture B

・133 g cake flour

・15 g bread flour

・92 g almond flour

・3.4 g baking powder

・300 g crushed chestnuts in syrup

・43 g brandy


1. Cream fermented butter. Add granulated sugar and TREHA®︎, then whip.

2. Add chestnut paste and mixture A into the butter mixture, whip more.

3. Combine sieved mixture B and the butter mixture.

4. Mix crushed chestnuts and brandy, add to the batter and combine.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Keeps moist texture of the cake

・Keeps freshly made flavors by inhibiting lipid degradation

Crumble Topping (Streusel)

・100 g fermented butter

・100 g brown sugar

・100 g almond flour

・100 g cake flour


1. Cream fermented butter. Add brown sugar to creamed butter then mix.

2. Combine butter mixture with almond flour and cake flour in order.

3. Roll out the dough to 7 mm in thickness. Cut the dough into 7 x 7 mm slices.

Raspberry Jam (Confiture Framboise)

Mixture A

・200 g raspberries (frozen, broken up)

・160 g granulated sugar

・40 g TREHA®︎

・25 g glucose syrup (DE30-50)

Mixture B

・25 g granulated sugar

・12 g pectin


1. Boil mixture A. Add combined mixture B, boil down until 72% Brix.

TREHA®︎ benefit

・Retains natural color of fruit jam

Food presentation

・Brandy, powdered sugar as needed


1. Pipe the butter cake batter into cake pans and flatten.

2. Pipe 30 g of raspberry jam by using #13 nozzle onto the centerline of butter cake batter.

3. Pipe 80 g butter cake batter on top, then flatten.

4. Place 60 g of crumble topping on top.

5. Bake in a convection oven at 170°C/350°F for 28 minutes.

6. Brush brandy just after baking, then stand to cool. Cover with powdered sugar.

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