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Finished | Invitation for our upcoming webinar | Stop Wasting Food: Learn the Japanese Secret to Keeping Food Fresher Longer
Nov 7, 2023

Every Foodservice professional knows how quickly food ages, losing its appetite appeal and resulting in perfectly edible food getting thrown out, along with your profit margin. With the rise of grab-and-go, take-out and delivery, it’s never been more important to extend the appeal of your foods. We cordially invite you to join our upcoming webinar on November 16, 2023 at 2 pm EST.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How chefs from Japan — a country recognized the world over as a culinary innovator and leader in fresh foods — have been extending the fresh look, aroma, taste, and texture of both sweet and savory dishes for decades by using one simple, plant-based ingredient that has only recently become available to the U.S. foodservice market.

  • How this plant-based, GRAS-designated, Non-GMO, Kosher- and Halal-certified ingredient can widen the freshness window for your operation, and, in many cases, even increase your yields.

  • Applications for every foodservice segment.

This webinar will be hosted by Nation’s Restaurant News, sponsored by TREHA®.

Register HERE for Free.