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Survey report: Trehalose is recognized by 75% of Japanese female consumers
Sep 28, 2021

Survey overview

  • Area: Throughout Japan

  • Respondents: 1,250 females aged 20 and over who are employed in the non-food industry or whose direct family members are not employed in the food industry.

  • Method: Online survey (conducted by NEO MARKETING INC.)

  • Survey period: July 2021

Respondents of the previous survey (May 2020) are excluded.


Please select one statement that describes your familiarity with each food ingredient or sweetener.

According to the survey results on trehalose in July 2021, about 75% of the respondents recognized trehalose*, which is the highest mark since the survey started in 2015. Besides, the awareness of trehalose has been higher than maltose and rare sugar(s) since 2015.

*The total respondents who answered ‘’I use this ingredient.", "I used this ingredient previously.", "Although I do not use the product, I know about the characteristics." and "Although I do not use this product, I heard of the name."

Cross tabulation among respondents to trehalose by age

In comparison to other age groups, awareness of trehalose is higher in the 40s and 50s, which have been influenced by the unique TV commercials about trehalose 10 years ago.
On the other hand, an age group of the 20s includes the highest percentage of trehalose users, which is the same result from last year's survey.  It is assumed that this age group learns about trehalose from other than TV commercials and receives a positive impression, which makes them interested to use.